Conceptual project of the interior pool in a single-family housing.

Autumn tree. A broad crown of mature leaves, most of which are scattered at the foot of the trunk. Crown and shape consistent with the winter tree. Warm colors: browns, beiges, reds, oranges and yellows. The background for him is the theme of many trees with generalized colors.

Winter-spring tree. The style, shape of the trunk and crown refers to the autumn tree. On the lower branches, a sprinkler with cold water is installed with a reach over the tray. It causes the effect of drainage of rainwater on the branches of the tree. The hollow formed in the trunk will be filled with ice (technology and apparatus for making ice located behind the wall). Colors: browns, grays, whites turning green. Shower. Summer colors. Mature green, graded in several shades. The strongest greens on the ceiling, the weakest on the floor. Wc. Colors of spring. Vine garlands hanging from the ceiling. Poor ripening green.

The entire spatial and color composition presents a closed annual cycle of nature. The color of the equipment inside the swimming pool hall - with reference to the main color.

  • YEAR: 2004
The interior of the pool