Realization of land management Small Market with adjacent areas in Opole.

Small Market Square is surrounded by buildings of various architectural quality. Buildings located on the Staromiejska street consists of the tenement houses protected by Local Plan. The number of floors is in the range of 3-4; the 4th floor is present in the full form or dormers. All the houses are covered with a sloping roof.

From the Small Market street (part of the square, Small Market) located in the northern part, townhouses were built in different historical periods. Those that were built in the last decades - as fill, represent little architectural value and are included in the Local Spatial Development Plan -as do not match to the rest. Also for this reason that they have pitched roof (two- or multi).

On the south-east of the Little Market, on the extension of the street Zwierzyniecka is a bank building in the style of trying to pass for a contemporary, but is for a very stylized in shape and aesthetic form. Behind the bank is accidentally generated square with built one-storey-unhistorical. The guidelines Local Spatial Development Plan assume fill this space new building, the future function of the kindergarten. The most beautiful form of this line of buildings is structure which composed of two townhouses with a height of 4 storeys. The original historically documented height increased by one storey, but it is similar in character to the former buildings of the monastery of the Sisters of Notre Dame. The block of townhouse is finished corner bay window (without helmet). Along the street leading full wall which extends from the building of the bank until the end of the street, where is located a low structure of garage. Local Spatial Development Plan (MPZP) marks it as objects to be removed.

Along the street square in the direction of S-N Museum (former Jesuit College) in the vicinity of the stairs to the church of St. Wojciech is a green square with benches, where previously was a historical female dormitory building the congregation of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Further the existing entrance representational staircase to the church of St. Wojciech, the difference in elevation of land approx. 6m. In front of the green area, a continuation of the north street along Little Market, built corner townhouse which degrades the space form of kitsch.

St. Sebastian Square is associated with the Small Market by Staromiejska street. On the Staromiejska and Malczewskiego street existing building system is poorer in detail than in the more representative the Small Market. Rich in detail, though severely neglected buildings are in the vicinity of the church. Most of the building is covered with a pitched roof , but in two places, there are houses with flat roof. One of them is 5 storey and is clearly unsuited to the others, divisions of elevation and style. The second house with a flat roof has poor form facades. In comparison with the planned next to him the new building, will be created even greater quality contrast. Within the square is the historic cross referring to the existing church of St. Sebastian. On the square in random places parked cars, which combined with islands of greenery gives a feeling of space seriously neglected.

  • YEAR: 2011
  • COOPERATION: arch. Maciej Kret
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