Competition for the concept of Urban and Architectural Planning Eastern Parts Pomeranian Island in Wroclaw.

The neighboring buildings besides aesthetic values, style, contemporary architecture, have primarily different levels of height. In this competition work, it is the most important factor that determines the solution, apart from the obvious, which is the need for a raised aesthetic the newly-formed architecture.

The most important buildings in the vicinity of the examined parcel it is long baroque building of the Wroclaw University with a heavily sculptured facade.To the roof, building has three high storeys with an elevated ground floor and high pitched roof. The fasade of the building has an estimated 20m height to the cornice, and including the roof has about 29m to the ridge of the roof. In the 1/3 section the lenght of the building, dominated university Mathematical Tower, which has direct impact on the designed area.

Because of the parameters of the local urban building, it was decided by a simple form of the building, which is the counterbalance to the potent dominant University façade. The horizontal shape is result of shape of the island, and the only possible and necessary access of the fire service. The building received the shape of a wedge. The dimension altitude of the building is associated with the height of the cornice of the University because of the need to more fully open up on the facade of the University. It was decided to cut down a strong block. This procedure is as important as the designed length of the building (with a slight lengthening of the island).

Southern Glass facade introduces order, and organizes the space that is build different surrounding buildings. The northern facade because of escape route which is the placement before her, is planned in the intensifying rhythm of the façade system, leading to the tip of the wedge, where it becomes harder transparent.

Function. Office + cafe with independent entrance zone. Café completed a communal space. Different options allow to freely extend it.

  • YEAR: 2012
  • USABLE AREA: 3 160m2
Above: View from the Pomeranian Bridge/Below: View from the Grodzka street.
Drawing. Spatial situation
View from the intersection of Pomorska street/ Prince Witold street
Drawing. ElevationsDrawing. PlansDrawing. Spatial situationDrawing. Spatial situationDrawing. Spatial situationDrawing. Spatial situation