P: E idea

The creative process is individual and analytically exact (reasoned) solution design issue, using all useful items according to subjective, shaped in any proportions and combinations of creator elections. The investor fulfill here the essential role of the factor that narrows the field of architect movement. Despite this, the number of good solutions is still theoretically unlimited.

The uniqueness thus formed project, gives it a value of architectural and distinguishes art from common building.

Evolution is a process of adaptive modification, an individual or group. It is develop of individual characteristics about the best for the adaptation, in a new changing environment. From the viewpoint of architectural design (and every), this means similar adaptation. Role of the environment take over technical factors, technology and materials; context of the time, cultural etc. From the point of view of the architect, it is an ongoing development, exploration and improvement of the widening workshop. This is an important thing and is a comparative measure of work. Therefore, by definition - evolution is inscribed in creativity and performed profession.