Urban and Architectural competition for the elaboration of a conceptual design, titled "Project revitalization of the area Podzamcze in Lublin".

From the south the projected area, Old Town has a highly educated system of historical buildings. Its uniqueness emphasize organic, in the forms, shapes of districts. Frontages of streets are formed by broken arches that form the irregular layouts. Currently, the Castle Hill is located outside the urban space because of removal of a buildings which earlier encircled it. Buildings which were removed was based on the original urban layout of the medieval city. The project concept involves linking the Castle, with the developed system of the Old Town, by buildings quarters situated on the dominant Castle Hill. New buildings, are led as a continuation of the curved frontage town houses of Castle Square. On this assumption is based spatial composition of the new solution.

The currently existing barrier of integration in the form of wide avenue of communication Millennium Avenue is transferred below the level of the newly designed pedestrian relations. This is possible by lowering the grade line of the road and hide it in the tunnel. The consequence of this operation is to obtain a junction with the Uni Lubelskiej street, where there is no need to stop now. The roads criss-crossing run now on two levels which do not collide with each other. This solution allows quickly move out traffic, outside the city center. Lowering the road Avenue of the Millennium, will assimilate the space under the Czwartek Hill. This solution will extend the pedestrian traffic of Old Town on a wider area. The land connection on both sides of the Unii Lubelskiej street, follows through the free-collision 2-level communication. It is an area of the street (traffic circle Ruska and Lwowska) and levels of footbridges running over the street.

  • YEAR: 2012
Picture. The existing situation 2012
The existing situation 2012
Schwarz Plan. The spatial model
Schwarz Plan
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