"Bathroom design 2008". KOLO. Conceptual design freestanding public toilets in the Tatra National Park.

Adopted architectural form, as referring to the regional tradition of building. The whole effort of design involves finding a breach in the strict principles of composition of such form. Not to depart from tradition, but look for translation in contemporary language. Bales of wood are the basic supporting structure. The construction of a pitched roof is based on them, with two tilt angles, broken just above the entrance door, which covers its own roof. The entire outline of the external walls does not contain window openings except door openings. The doors serve two threads tourist trail, green and red. Lighting all the rooms is located on a structure suspended at a height of 4.0m above the floor. The light falling through the holes in the front wall of the building (east and west) reaches deep inside. Ground can be used as source for heat pumps with a relatively small thermal capacities. It was assumed that deep-water collectors located at the facility, will provide heat that is conducted by the brine (glycol and water) will go to the heat pump. Energie for the electric needs will produce a termal collector, located on the southern slope of the roof.

  • YEAR: 2008